2016 – 2018 IAFC Safety, Health and Survival Section Strategic Initiatives

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2016 – 2018 IAFC Safety, Health and Survival Section Strategic Initiatives

Developed January 18th, 2016 at the winter SHS Board Meeting Scottsdale AZ

1)     Create a National Fire Service Health and Safety Alliance to work with other fire service organizations to address firefighter safety issues.


1A. Identify key participating organizations.

1B. Convene a National stakeholder gathering of participating organizations that were


1C. Identify key areas of consensus for collaboration.

1D. Identify joint implementation strategies.


2)     Develop a process to enable every firefighter to obtain an NFPA 1582 compliant physical assessment on an annual basis.


2A. Identify stakeholders to develop partnerships for providing NFPA 1582 Physicals to


2B. Identify obstacles preventing firefighter from receiving NFPA 1582 physicals.

2C. Develop a tiered physical assessment process.

2D. Work with Research that is being conducted in order to educate physicians and fire



3)     Provide our membership with “value” for being a Section Member.


3A. Develop a mechanism to better identify section members for participation in section

initiatives and activities.

3B. Develop a “new member” kit to be distributed to new section members.

3C. Provide Section members with exclusive FRI engagement opportunities.

3D. Develop a multi-level safety and wellness repository of research and best practices

available to Safety and Health Section members only.



4)     Improve our marketing and communication strategy to reach the entire fire service.


4A. Expand our portfolio of communication tools (i.e. web page, social media) used in


4B. Develop a template to be used in the distribution of key safety messages.

4C. Establish and / or leverage relationships with fire service affinity groups in an effort to

expand our audience base.

4D. Continue to maneuver and refine / sharpen our brand to become synonymous with

professional leadership.

4E. Develop and implement an evaluation system capable of providing the Board of

Directors with feedback on the initiative.


5)     Develop a comprehensive health and wellness process including physical fitness and behavioral health.


5A. Develop partnerships with stakeholder for the development of a comprehensive Health

and Wellness program.

5B. Identify barriers preventing departments from implementing a comprehensive Health and Wellness program.

5C. Develop a model comprehensive Health and Wellness program.

5D. Educate the fire service about the need for a comprehensive Health and Wellness





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1 pm – 4 pm

Room 206 A

Meeting called to order by Chair Chief Kerwood

(Chair will adjust the order of the agenda as guests, award recipients and association officers arrive.)

Roll call of the Board of Directors

Election results Battalion Chief Carol Brown

Administration of the oath of office by Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr (1:10 pm)

Recognize SHS Section Supporters – Chief Kerwood

Report of the Chair –                          Chief Kerwood

Report of the Vice Chair –                 Chief Sullivan

Report of the Treasurer –                    Chief Rhoades

Report of the Secretary –                   Chief LeDuc

Report of the International Director -    Chief Goldfeder

Reports on Section Projects

  1. SafetyStandDown Week                Chief Kane
  2. NFPA 1582 Physicians Guide         Chief LeDuc
  3. OSHA – NACOSH                            Chief Tobia
  4. Health & Wellness Pavilion             Chief Oke
  5. NFPA 1917 Standard                      Chief Morris
  6. CRM Manual                                   Chief Tippett
  7. CAAS Ambulance Standard        Chief Morris
  8. NIOSH Basement Fires Safety Alert  Chief Morris
  9. Establish new joint Health Safety                                                                     Initiative with I-Women and Human                                                                             Relations Committee                         Chief Kerwood



  1. Chief Dan Eggleston Candidacy for 2nd VP Upon Arrival
  2. Chief John Sullivan Physical Summit White Paper Presentation “Health Alliance”
  3. Dan Madrzykowski UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute
  4. Dave Wurtzel First Twenty with
  5. Vickie Lee Frist Net Presentation
  6. Government Relations report – Ken LaSala
  7. Firefighter Safety Through Advanced Research (FSTAR)- Chris Reilly
  8. IAFC Government Relation Ken LaSala


Liaison Reports

  1. Company Officers Section – Battalion Chief Randall Hanifen
  2. Wildland Fire – Chief Brian Fennessy
  3. ISFSI – Leigh Hubbard
  4. FDSOA – Rich Marinucci


Award Presentations – Chief Rhoades  (2:30 PM)

  1. Billy Goldfeder Fire Service Organizational Safety Award (co-sponsor VFIS)
  2. Safety Officer of the Year (co-sponsors MSA and FDSOA)
  3. Alan Brunacini Fire Service Executive Safety Award (Sponsored by Provident Insurance)
  4. Garry Briese IAFC Safety Performance Award (Sponsor WHP Training Towers)
  5. Chair Award – Presented by Chair Chief Kerwood


Old Business:

  1. Membership Update and Status – Chief Sullivan / Chief Goldfeder
  2. SHS Strategic plan update -  Chair Chief Kerwood
  3. FDSOA Events activities 2016, 2017 and beyond


New Business:

  1. Floor Items

Other Items as Needed:

IAFC officials and candidates for office will address the membership at the discretion of the Chair.



The Safety, Health and Survival Section has many events planned for Fire-Rescue International

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FRI to be held August 17-20 in San Antonio.

Firefighter Memorial and Survival Walls

In partnership with the FSTAR Health program, the new Firefighter Memorial and Firefighter Survival Walls will be available to post a photo or share the name of a firefighter who has been lost to or has experienced job-related health issues. Visit FSTAR Health [www.fstaresearch.org] for more information about how you can take part in this effort.

Wednesday, August 17

3rd Annual Firefighter Physicals Summit: 8 AM–Noon

The summit will focus on developing a comprehensive strategic plan and working groups to tackle the critical issue of firefighter physicals. We’ll have the much-anticipated FSTAR Health Practitioner’s Guide to Firefighter Physicals as well as an update on ongoing efforts such as the OSHA National Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health.

SHS Section Meeting: 1–4 PM

Stop by for an update on the latest efforts of the SHS Section on your behalf. The meeting will include the 2016 Safety, Health and Survival Awards, swearing-in of new board members, and updates on ongoing SHS projects.

Thursday, August 18

Attend the FRI General Session!

Friday and Saturday, August 19–20

SHS Booth #36047: All day on the Expo floor

Stop by the booth

Come see first-hand the new technology that is on display at the FRI Expo. Find out what products and services are out there to ease your stress and help you generate more revenue. From enhanced safety to increased efficiency—everything you need is here. See all that’s happening in the Exhibit Hall.

Pick up your copy of Let’s Make a Difference, offering guidelines and best practices to successfully minimize injuries and deaths while using POVs.

SHS Meet & Greet, 10–10:30 AM

Come to SHS Booth #36047 to network with other section members. We’ll give a free SHS challenge coin to every new section member and to every current SHS member who signs up a new member.

New in 2016! Learning Labs

Attend short, information-packed presentations in the FRI Exhibit Hall. Topics include:


  • Medical Physicals and Guides to NFPA 1582
  • Fire Dynamics
  • Cancer, Cardiovascular, Behavioral Health and more!

Firefighter Memorial, Survival Walls at FRI

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This year at Fire-Rescue International in San Antonio, Texas, FSTAR Health and the IAFC are partnering to host a Firefighter Memorial Wall and the Firefighter Survival Wall. Bring a photo or post a name of a firefighter who has dealt with or is currently dealing with job-related health issues. Both Walls will share the story of firefighters who have experienced job-related health issues and to highlight how critical it is for firefighters to receive annual medical exams that are consistent with the risks they take in the line of duty.



The Walls will be at Registration and the FSTAR Booth in the Health and Wellness Zone during FRI. If you don’t have a photo with you, you will be able to share the names of your fellow firefighters. Photos, name and appropriate wall placement can be submitted in advance by emailing fstar@iafc.org. Visit www.fstaresearch.org for more information.

The Firefighter Memorial Wall is a memorial for firefighters who have passed away due to job-related health issues while the Firefighter Survival Wall honors any firefighter who has been diagnosed, is in treatment or has recovered from job-related health issues. Job-related health issues include, but are not limited to, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, behavioral health and others.

SHS Election News

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SHS Section Board Members for 2016/2017

The unofficial results of the SHS election have been returned and show that for the position of director at large, the following candidates have received the majority of votes for the three-year positions:

  • Assistant Chief Joanne R. Rund, Howard County (Md.) Department of Fire and Rescue Services 
  • Chief Shawn Oke, Albemarle (N.C.) Fire and Rescue Department 
  • Chief Rick Kane, Township of Manheim (Pa.) Fire Rescue Department

The candidate for the two-year position of director at large who received the majority of the votes is:

  • Chief Kenneth Morgan, Meriden (Conn.) Meriden Fire Department

From the Election Committee, “We would like to commend all candidates for offering their candidacies to help lead our sections leadership and ask that all section members come out to witness them be sworn in at their ceremony on August 17th, 1 PM at the IAFC’s Fire-Rescue International 2016 in San Antonio.”

The following were uncontested elections:

  • Chair: Chief Scott Kerwood, Hutto (Texas) Fire Rescue 
  • Vice Chair: Deputy Chief John F. Sullivan, City of Worcester (Mass.) Fire Department 
  • Secretary: Assistant Chief Todd LeDuc, Broward (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Services 
  • Treasurer: Chief Jake Rhoades, City of Kingman (Ariz.) Kingman Fire Department

Meet your Board Members at FRI SHS Booth

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FRI 2016 Booth Schedule


IAFC Booth




945-1130 Jake Rhoades
945-1130 Joanne Rund
945-1130 John Eisel
1130-1300 John Sullivan
1130-1300 Jake Rhoades
1300-1430 Jake Sullivan
1300-1430 Todd Leduc
1300-1430 Joanne Rund
1430-1600 Todd Leduc
1430-1600 Scott Kerwood
1600-1700 John Sullivan
1600-1700 Joanne Rund
1600-1700 John Tippett



815-1000 Matt Tobia
815-1000 Scott Kerwood
815-1000 Ken Morgan
1000-1130 Joanne Rund
1000-1130 David Daniels
1130-1300 Joanne Rund




J Rund SHS Electionoke 21

Chief Billy Goldfeder International Director for SHS Speaks to Safety at FRI2016

Chief Billy Goldfeder International Director for SHS Speaks to Safety at FRI2016

Safety, Health and Survival Section Banquet 2015-08-26 222david-danielrhoadesChief-KerwoodChief Headshot


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FSTAR Rehydration FACT Sheet 


Coffee and Hydration

On average, American adults drink around 1.5 cups of coffee a day.  In the past, there was some debate in research as to whether coffee was healthy or not. There are certainly benefits to moderate coffee consumption, but it is important to understand how coffee and caffeine affect firefighters.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Moderate consumption of coffee (3-4 cups) has been associated with many health benefits, including:

  • Improved brain function, fat burning, physical performance, and energy
  • Lowered risk of type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cirrhosis, depression, cancer and stroke

Issues With Too Much Coffee

  • Ditch all the fancy coffee flavored drinks loaded with sugar, calories, & artificial sweeteners.
  • Make sure you keep drinking water to stay hydrated
  • Do not use coffee as a cruch for sleep deprivation

So how much coffee can I drink?

Moderate consumption of coffee (3-4 cups) has been associated with some health benefits in healthy individuals.  This is not to say everyone should start drinking coffee now, but if you already drink coffee any fears you have can be eased!

Fuel yourself for the fight with The First Twenty’s Tactical Nutrition Program!



Firefighter Memorial Wall and a Firefighter Survival Wall

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Every firefighter has a story of another firefighter they have lost or who is struggling with significant, job-related health issues.

FSTAR Health is looking for your help to share these stories of courage, loss, and survival. This year at Fire-Rescue International in San Antonio, Texas, FSTAR and the IAFC will be hosting a Firefighter Memorial Wall and a Firefighter Survival Wall. The walls are a place to share a photo or a name of a firefighter who has dealt with or is currently dealing with job-related health issues.

We request your assistance in building a collection of photos and names that will start to fill both walls prior to FRI. If you know of anyone who you feel should be on this wall, please send us a photo (3×5 or 4×6 sizes are preferred) or their name via email to fstar@iafc.org by close of business, August 10. You may also bring photos directly to FRI to post on the wall.

The walls will be very visible throughout FRI, and we will have books for people to share stories with more details, as well as ribbons to share names in case a photo is unavailable. The ribbons will be available in the colors associated with specific diseases. Please note we are unable to return photos at this time and are planning to send these walls to other IAFC conferences over the 2016-2017 timeframe.

Please feel free to contact the FSTAR team (fstar@iafc.org) with any questions. Please visit www.fstaresearch.org for more information.

Thank you for your assistance in this effort.

Melissa Knight

Program Manager

International Association of Fire Chiefs

O: 703-537-4854

M: 703-399-4209